Filters menu in the Photo

HOW TO COLLABORATE WITH FILTERS As Well As LIVE FILTERS   once you’ve been collaborating with Affinity Photo for a little while, you probably observe you have two kinds of filters. There is the “routine”. filters in the Filters menu and also there are the “online filters” in the Layer menu. If you examine both… Continue reading Filters menu in the Photo


HOW TO RESIZE IMAGES   In this phase, we are taking a look at several of the manner ins which you can make use of to resize a photo in Affinity Picture. This includes enlarging and also reducing the photo size, along with managing the pixel density or resolution. Yet before we check out several… Continue reading HOW TO RESIZE IMAGES

Lake Country Customs and Classics

I invite you to the Lake Country car show. We display hundreds of cars and run throughout the year. Exhibits are available for purchase, and the proceeds from the exhibition are donated to charity.